Castor Oil, the Best Beauty Secret Ever

I will tell you that I absolutely love castor oil and that I use it daily. I honestly believe that castor oil is the best beauty secret ever, especially for those of us in middle age. It has so many benefits, but very few women know that it can do AMAZING things in the anti-aging category! What is this oil anyways? It is a colorless to pale yellow oil that is obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. It also has the name Palma Christi or palm of Christ because the leaf is divided and resembles a palm and its seeds have even been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 BC.

Castor oil has a lot of viscosity, it is sticky and thick. I have been applying castor oil daily to my face and neck area for at least three years now. You only need a drop or two when applying it to your face because it goes a long way. I would gently apply it even over your lashes and eyebrows as this encourages growth. You will find that it immediately moisturizes your face or other body parts deeply and what’s best about it is that there are NO chemicals to this anti-aging beauty regimen if you use the organic variation.

After applying the castor oil, I also follow it up with a combination of essentials oils that includes frankincense, spikenard (lavender) and neroli. Not only do I get the moisturizing effect of castor, but I extend its value with the other oils whose properties are antiviral and immune stimulating, not to mention all the other direct benefits. I apply my makeup after applying the oil and it goes on much smoother, especially around the eyes. By the way, I know this combination is great for acne as well!

Years back I did not really understand the benefits of all these natural products, but I have since opened my eyes. With all the chemicals in today’s world and all the oxidation or “rusting” that occurs in our bodies, why not give yourself a few extra years of additional health?

Women spend millions of dollars for anti-aging creams and cosmetics. Not only is this a simple and healthier solution, it is cheaper! I no longer use man-made chemicals, whether it is my face wash, hair dye, shampoo, makeup or skin care. At first the transition was a bit costly, but now it’s about the same without putting these chemicals into my bloodstream. I don’t even have to wash my face at the end of the day because most of what I use is simply antioxidants made from nature.

We can do plenty to slow down our aging, and I know personally that castor oil with the combination of essential oils can keep the wrinkles detained for just a bit longer. Who knows, maybe this palm of Christ has just the healing effect we’re looking for!

Note: Not recommended for pregnant women.